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What dish is your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner? Which one do you pass over every time?

What traditions or memories of Thanksgiving are most meaningful to you?

Traditions and cherished memories often reveal values and priorities that drive current motivations and perspectives. Take note of what things are important to your group members. You could also take time to think through traditions you may want to begin. 

Make a list of as many of the “I am” statements that you can name. Share which one you particularly connect with. Why? 

Grab a notebook and record people’s initial thoughts about these “I am” statements. Revisit this list throughout the series and see how God informs or (perhaps) changes your understanding of who Jesus is. 

If you were living in the time of Moses, how might you have felt about God after 400 years of silence from him? Do you ever feel like that now? 

Bread seems to play a significant role in the Bible. Read Exodus 16:1-4; II Kings 4:42-44; Mark 6:32-34, 41-42; Matthew 6:11. Discuss what you see in each passage.

Reading Scripture aloud to others is a really good way to experience God together and grow community. Some good questions to consider as you read through Scripture: What is the broader context of this passage? What do you see God doing in these passages? Do these passages connect to each other? How? Look for themes. 

What does it mean that Jesus is the Bread of Life? 

Review your sermon notes here. 

What is it about bread that makes it an apt description or metaphor for who Jesus is, what he does, and what the Gospel is all about? 

Describe your spiritual need as you understand it. How does Jesus satisfy that greatest need? 

Jesus supplied for your greatest spiritual need by dying for your sins on the cross, making a way for an eternal relationship with God. Return to the attributes of God from the previous series (love, holiness, grace, wisdom, sovereignty), if need be, to develop who God is, our need, and how Jesus made the way. This is a ripe opportunity to preach the gospel to ourselves again. 

What are some things you turn to for satisfaction other than Jesus?  

Challenge each other to confess these things in prayer. Discuss how you identify these empty things and ask the Spirit to work in you to reveal them. Ask him to help you look to Jesus instead. Belief in the Gospel makes this possible. Review the truths of the Gospel if needed. Choose a prayer partner and check in throughout the week. 

How does participating in the Lord's Supper, especially "eating the bread,” help your walk with Jesus? 

To be a Christ centered community helping people faithfully follow Jesus both locally and globally. 



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