DVD's For Leadership

Looking to Improve your Leadership Skills? 

Training Groups to be Groups ~ ReGroup is a learning process where you will discover how to grow in faith as you build authentic relationships and accomplish the purpose for which you gathered.  It is a series to help you discover how to have an effective group. .  DVD 2 has thirteen tips for your group from active listening to helping others take "Growth Risks"  


Small groups are meant to be transforming.  We are meant to connect and encourage one another.  It is where we can put into play the New Testament One Anothers.  Stir contains six video messages to inspire you and help lead and build your group to be one that encourages growth and life change. 

Key Values

Key Values is a 2 DVD set that defines critical factors for new and existing groups.  Vision ~ Leadership Development ~ Assimulation ~ Quality of a group life

  • Shaped In The Chaos   John Burke

  • Everybody's Normal 'Till You Get To Know Them  John Ortberg

  • Circles Of Change  Larry Crab

  • More Than A Meeting  Bill Donahue

  • Walk Across The Street  Bill Hybels