For These Times

To add some zing to our zoom meetings, I put bags of drinks and snacks on our group's front porches since I would normally provide that at our house. The group got a kick out of it and it gave us something to talk about. :)

Thank you Beth Krokilowski.  What a fun idea and we all love snacks!

This idea came from a Life Group Member!  Do you know a senior that is graduating, especially the son or daughter of someone in your group.  It certainly isn't what they had planned.  Could you find a fun way to bless the family?  Maybe decorate their yard as a surprise?

Please continue to pray for Nicole Herman and Nathan(11), Whitley (7) and Lincoln (3).  David Herman passed away unexpectedly (not Covid related).  Could your group bless them?  

Anne Faulks, a member of the Koerten Life Group, has an amazing idea.  She is coordinating Life Groups blessing hospital workers by department with food and notes of encouragement.  She is hoping that the food deliveries will be done by businesses owned by Woodlands families.  A way to be blessed while blessing.  If your Life Group would like to step out and contribute to this "Thank You St. Michaels Workers" effort, please email Ann at  She will let you know department sizes and help you with all the details.  

Thank you Anne, what a great opportunity you've given our Life Groups!

Play a little "Ding, Dong, Ditch".  We dropped off Easter Lilies at our Life Group members homes.  

A fun idea!

Message: With many of us potentially getting a check from the government in a few weeks as part of the economic reboot, it caused us to discuss what we wanted to do with it when it came. Some of us need it to get by during these hard times, and others don’t really need it since their jobs are secure at the moment. Those who are able to do it should pray about how they can use this financial “gift” to bless others. We suggest starting with those in your own life group who need assistance, then to widen the circle to our church body then to community needs. How about using some of that money to purchase food items for Backpacks for Hope or a local food pantry? We’re presenting this idea to our life group for consideration so that we can bless others in the name of Jesus during this time of need and crisis.

Thank you Coburn Group what a great idea!


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