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November 8, 2019

“Carry one another’s burdens” – Galatians 6:2


It certainly was a powerful night at the Harbor Thursday, as we explored what it means to serve one another by carrying one another’s burdens.  The Caldwell Life Group is a wonderful example of what that looks like as they have walked alongside the Longo Family through the recent loss of their 4 month old son.  One of the big takeaways was; what hurting people most need is not for us to provide answers and try to fix their problem, but for us to simply be with them.

The Apostle Paul’s command calls us to come alongside of our brothers and sisters where they are, speaking the Word of God to them and bearing their burdens for the sake of Jesus.  It means listening, praying and comforting them by entering their pain. This ministry of presence means that we will serve people even when it might make us uncomfortable. We will stand with people in the midst of anxiety and fear. Most importantly, in these difficult times, we will be realists. We will not pretend things are better or worse than they actually are. We will address the situation appropriately, pointing people to the fact that Christ makes all things new. One word describes this kind of ministry: 


Watch this short (3 min), but powerful video teaching by Brene Brown on the difference between Empathy and Sympathy.  How can you grow as an empathetic leader?


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