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By Beth Didreckson, GroupLife Ministry Assistant

This Week 

July 10, 2020


Did you check your inbox and find the survey about your Life Group?  We would love to have you fill it out to the best of your ability.  We know there are lots of unknowns, but it gives us a starting point.  We are planning for fall and really need your help.  If you haven't filled it out yet, here is a link for your convenience. 


Also, the date has been set for the Harbor.  Invitations will be emailed the beginning of August with all the details.  Mark your calendars now for an outdoor Harbor on Wednesday, August 26th.  



Sermon Series
May 31-Aug 16:  Encouragement, When Life Gets Hard
No Sermon Questions with this series. 
Enjoy the discussion about 1 Peter with your group as well as the daily reflections on the website or App.

LeaderZone Connect Archives

  Please watch Pastor Brian's Update - 7/9/2020  
These are interesting times God has us in.  The challenge before us is how to connect with those in our groups and classes, how to encourage and show the love of Jesus to those whom God has placed in our care.  What have you tried or are thinking of implementing in the coming days?  Share your ideas here on the LeaderZone & we will add it to our "For These Times" page.  
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