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Sermon Based Questions for March 29, 2020

Series: Philippians

Pastor Brian Berg

The Normal Christian Life

Philippians 3



Begin by reading the chapter together.  

1. How would you describe the overall message of the first twelve verses?

2. Why do you think Paul, in verse two, was reacting so strongly? Was it warranted? 

3. What does it mean to “rest” in the finished work of Christ?

4. Do you think “resting” is a good word to help describe continual and exclusive trust in Christ? Why or why not?

5. What helps you to keep trusting only in Christ and not drift back to a performance based spirituality?

6. What does it mean to grow in our relationship to Christ?

7. What practices have you found that help you to keep growing in your faith?

8. How would you like to use this time of isolation to grow in your faith?

9. How does having a clear, eternal hope help in this current crisis we find ourselves in?

10. What was your favorite part of the message or the text?  Why?

11. How do you hope to apply this message/text to your life?



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