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Sermon Based Questions for September 27, 2020
Series: Made For This
Pastor Brian Berg
“Growing and Gathering”



1) What most helped you, challenged you or encouraged you in this message and in this series?

2) How do you think the articulation of our purpose and priorities will help us as a church moving forward?

3) What did you think of our definition of growing: “to grow in our knowledge of, trust in, dependence on, and obedience to Jesus.”? Is there anything you would change or add?  Why?

4) What are the things, through the years, that have most helped you to grow?  What is most helping you right now?

5) What is your spiritual growth plan (SGP), and is there anything you feel you might need to change or modify?

6) How has gathering with other Christians in worship services and small groups or classes contributed to your spiritual and emotional vitality through the years?

7) Are there any suggestions/ideas, that we as a group could discuss and pass on to the leaders of our church, as to how to better promote and facilitate gathering in this season of pandemic?at mean? If that was a deep conviction of yours, how might it change your life?



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