Click the image  to be able to watch a wonderful video from Pastor John Jordens.  He is hoping to be back at Woodlands in February.  Keep praying for the Jordens.



3 Encouragements

  1. Choose not to be safe

  2. Desperately depend on God

  3. Choose a "band of brothers"

Meet the Leaders

Get to know some of your fellow leaders from our Spring 2016 self made video introductions.


Living on Mission


As you settle into a fall routine and start meeting on a regular basis as a group, we want to keep before you some missional ideas and resources for your group.  Watch this inspiring video.

How to make changes to your group in the Grove

Reasons to sign up for a Life Group

September 2016

Prepared for us by Doug Allord

It's not a video, but an image we won't soon forget.  What fun to see Don Smith and Dan Weltzin usher in our Harbor on August 24, 2016.  

We are on a "Mission from God".



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